Jamie A Kyle

Jamie A Kyle is a Photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Jamie has received her BFA from Weber State University with emphasis in Photography and is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Utah in Studio Art.

When creating her work, Jamie prefers to gather and arrange materials in to "still life" photographic tableaus. By constructing these arrangements, Jamie is able to create environments and atmospheres not naturally found. The environments she creates draw heavily upon the familiarity of recalled childhood memories and attempts to recapture the lost childhood element of "free play".

"My Photographs are constructed. Objects are collected and arranged into landscapes. These constructions become expansive, covering tabletops and crawling up walls. When I build these spaces there is no plan. I simply construct...and build. Only later, when lighting is applied, do I begin to search out the small spaces that become the subject of my photographs. Many are of forgotten corners that are by-products of other structures...very similar to the forgotten corners we find as children. The small spaces beneath and between furniture become the set for imagined adventures. 
These spaces are made from gathered things, many of which have been discarded. The objects are mundane and common. They are the sorts of things we find in drawers and boxes and have no utility. They are the sorts of things that are forgotten and only regain value when we introduced in a new and different context."  

           --- Excerpt from Unexpected Encounters with Curiously Arranged Things